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Believe it or not, preventing suicide is a lot more achievable than you think. You don’t have to have a psychology degree. You don’t even have to have any certifications. All you need is a willing mind and the right information. The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide is here to give you everything you need to both bring yourself into awareness about suicide/suicide prevention and potentially save countless lives!






Let’s talk numbers.

Worldwide, someone dies by suicide every forty seconds. That’s 800,000 people per year. Someone’s mother. Someone’s uncle. Someone’s war hero. In America, one person dies by suicide every twelve and a half minutes. That’s 47,173 people per year. People. Not numbers. People. Doctors, nurses, bank tellers, grandmas, grandpas, favorite cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, mail carriers, multi-millionaires, the nice old man down the street, the lady who always gives out the good candy, the friendly girl at the mall who always gives kids balloons… people.

And then there’s one. One person. You. One person can make a difference in the life of the person who says, “I can’t do this anymore.” One person can reach out and touch a person who is dealing with suicidal thoughts and redirect them to a better life. And that one person could be, and should be you.

Now you may say, “I don’t know any suicidal people.” I’m here to tell you that you do. In your daily life, you have encountered at least one person who has contemplated suicide. How do I know, because for every one suicide, there may have been at least twenty others attempting. And if that’s the case, that means that there is an even greater number that has contemplated it even if they haven’t attempted yet.

Imagine that you’re at work and your coworker/friend says, “Help me. I want to kill myself”. Do you know what to do? Do you know what to say? Do you know who to call? Imagine if your child came to you and said, “I’m being bullied at school and I don’t want to live anymore”. Do you know what to say? What questions to ask? What numbers to call? What resources to use?

This is why The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide is here. To ensure that you NEVER have to wonder about what you should do. You have step-by-step guides and a wealth of information to ensure that should a situation ever arise, you will be more than able to handle it. 

How much would you pay to save a life?


What's Inside - 1

Anchor free icon How to Handle a Crisis

Anchor free icon Safety Plan

Anchor free icon Speak Up For Yourself

Anchor free icon Who is Dying by Suicide?

What's Inside - 3

Anchor free icon Risk/Protective Factors

Anchor free icon Warning Signs

Anchor free icon What to Say

Anchor free icon What NOT to Say

What's Inside - 2

Anchor free icon Break the Stigma

Anchor free icon How to Advocate

Anchor free icon Cost-Effective Therapy

Anchor free icon …and much more!!!


For a limited time, when you order The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide, you will also receive downloadable love notes that you can print and give to your loved ones! The love notes come in black, blue, green, magenta, orange, purple and red!
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Not only do you get The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide ebook, but you also get access to a video library designed to give you walkthroughs and a more hands-on approach to what you read in the ebook. This is at no additional cost!

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The Video Library Includes:


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Module 1: Above All Else

• Right off the Bat: What to do if You’re Suicidal

• What’s the Plan? Safety Plan Walkthrough

• Speak Up for Yourself: Your Responsibility

Anchor free icon

Module 2: Educate Yourself

• What is Suicide?

• Who is Dying?

• Warning Signs

Anchor free icon

Module 3: Let’s Talk

• What to Say

• What NOT to Say

• Break the Stigma

Anchor free icon

Module 4: Make a Difference

• How to Advocate

• Become a Field Advocate

• More than Sad

• Your Local AFSP Chapter

• LivingWorks

• Mental Health First Aid

Anchor free icon

Module 5: Grab a Resource

• Cost-Effective Therapy

• Support Groups

• Ordering Publications

• Calling the Lifeline: What to Expect

Anchor free icon


•What to Do and How to Do It


As a teacher, I sometimes have students with suicidal thoughts. I used to feel like I couldn’t do much to help, but this resource guide has caused me to see things from a brand new perspective. I feel more empowered and less in a place of helplessness after reading about the signs and all of the resources that are available. Thank you Na’Kole for allowing our school to trial the suicide prevention guide!

Clara Marsh
Middle School Teacher

THANK YOU for the suicide prevention safety plan!!! It was such a memorable and healing experience filling it out with my daughter. We made copies for all of her “Trustworthy Three” and we will be purchasing the whole guide as soon as it is released and going over it together! Thank you for your hard work in making this available! I am truly confident that my daughter is safer now with a plan in place!

Kelsey Cunningham

As someone who suffers from depression, I appreciate this guide from a whole nother place. I feel seen. I feel heard. Thank you for making this!

Jeremy Russo
College Student

I was skeptical at first, because I didn’t think I knew anyone who was suicidal. But as I went through the ebook, I realized that I have seen some of these tendencies and behaviors in family members and friends. It reminded me of how important it is to check in with people and not just assume that people are okay because they act okay. This guide is an eye-opener and it makes you more aware and prepared in case something were to arise. At dinner recently, my sister let me know that she was dealing with thoughts and I was immediately able to pull up the safety plan and tell her that we could go to her house after dinner and put it together. You never know what someone is going through!!!

Amanda Russett
Boutique Owner
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A Few (more) Words…

Hi there. My name is Na’Kole Watson, and I AM a suicide prevention champion. I have survived multiple suicide attempts, I AM certified in suicide prevention, and I have talked almost 3,000 people out of suicide since I have been in the suicide prevention arena. As they say, “I’m not new to this, I’m TRUE to this”.

My mission is to empower at least 1,000 people this year to be able to recognize the signs and be able to point people who wrestle with suicidal thoughts in the right direction. I recognize the fact that not everyone has the time to sit for a certification, but I also realize that everyone needs to know what to do. I created this guide so that people all over the country would have easy access to everything they need to know about suicide and suicide prevention – because this is how we save lives. It’s good to be concerned, but it’s better to be concerned and informed.

Thank you in advance for supporting my mission!


Na’Kole Watson