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Let’s talk suicide.

Based on statistics, it is estimated that 132 people die by suicide every day. 132 people. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins… Teachers, doctors, postal workers, pilots, soldiers… Grandmas… Grandpas… Neighbors… Friends.

132 human beings. Not numbers. Real, actual people.

This is serious.

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I first started suicide prevention eight years ago. When I started, the statistic was that one person died by suicide in the United States every 19 minutes. Now, studies show that one person dies by suicide in the United States every 12.5 minutes. And this was before the pandemic, before the shutdowns, before the job loss, evictions, threat of impending doom… before all that has been 2020. It was startling then… but now, it’s terrifying. 

In 2018 (the last year we have numbers for), 48,334 people died by suicide. The numbers have been trending upward for years… and it’s going to take us working together to get the numbers going down. Lives hang in the balance, and I wholeheartedly believe that we can turn the statistics and projections around.

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In order to accomplish this, we must A.C.T.



We are accountable for our interactions with others. We are not responsible for solving mental health issues, but we are accountable for how we treat people and whether or not we equip ourselves to handle situations that arise with our loved ones.



If you are a coach, a pastor, a community leader or anyone who has people in your care, you know what “every coach needs a coach” means (I hope). EVERYone who coaches others needs to be coached on what to do when suicidal ideation shows up in the lives of those you lead. 



Being teachable is very important because there are so many stigmas surrounding mental health. It’s important to be able to hear past your person experiences and beliefs so that you can receive the information necessary to protect the loves of those you love!

One of the easiest ways to get your accountability, coaching and teachability going is

The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide.

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The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide is the premier resource for concerned family members and friends who want to help their loved ones with suicidal ideation without being overbearing or spending tons of time and money earning a degree in the mental health field.  It’s perfect for parents, educators, business owners, coaches and members of the clergy.

The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide includes an 80-page ebooks and a library of video tutorials covering:

  • The Main Thing – What to Do, Safety Plan, Speaking Up
  • Educate Yourself – Who is Dying, Signs & Symptoms
  • Let’s Talk – What to Say, What NOT to Say, Break the Stigma
  • Make a Difference – How to Advocate, Certifications
  • Get Connected – Therapy Resources, Support Groups, The Lifeline
  • Anti-Bullying Basics – What to Do When Bullying Strikes
…and more!  SO MUCH MORE!!!

Get instant access to a comprehensive suicide prevention resource that will help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe – for years to come.  We are in tumultuous times… and you need this information more than you may even realize.  

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