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Suicide Prevention for Faith-Based Leaders

Recent years have unveiled a hard truth: suicide rates are surging again after two years of being on the decline. 

Today, I AM presenting you with an opportunity to recognize and respond. And honestly, it’s not just an opportunity. It’s a mandate. 

I AM inviting you to become a lifeline in your community. I’m challenging you to position yourself as a lighthouse shining into the darkness of nights, calling out to the lives you are called to bring into the light of a new day

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We Truly Have a Problem.

As we move into the “post-pandemic world”, the need for effective suicide prevention efforts has never been greater. Although statistics show that the rate of suicide fell in 2019 and 2020, this does not give us room to let down our guards. As a society, we are facing more turmoil and internal rumblings than ever before, and I truly believe that a lot of people walking the face of this earth are ticking timebombs.

We see it every day – from the sniper in Washington, D.C. to the recent school shootings, mall shootings and other acts of violence – we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to what is going on. People are not okay. And sometimes, when people are suicidal, they desire to take others out with them – and saving one life could save many.

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Young people and members of marginalized groups such as indigenous communities continue to be disproportionately affected when it comes to mental health challenges. The pressure from social media completely exacerbates the situation and causes young people to feel like they will never be good enough. We even see pageant stars and prominent influencers dying by suicide because of the pressure of it all.

This alarming trend should be a major concern for everyone, but especially pastors and other faith-based community leaders across the country. In order to effectively address this important issue and save the lives of the people we are called to serve, it is important that we take the time to learn about suicide prevention efforts and how we can support those at risk in our congregations and communities.

The Class will Cover:

The Current Suicide Epidemic in America

​​​​​​​Though the numbers have decreased, I am going to give you a real-time view of how much of a problem suicide really is in our country, especially among Millennials, Gen Z and our youth.

What No One Tells You About Suicidal Ideation

Everyone thinks suicidal ideation is “I want to kill myself”, but it’s actually much more than that. I need you to recognize ALL of what it is, and not just the most common signs.

What Has Superseded Suicide in Recent Months, and Why You Need to Have It on Your Radar

People are killing themselves in a whole new way, and we aren’t talking about it enough. It is one of the easiest ways to die by your own hands, and you need to know about it!

How to Set Your Church/Ministry/Organization Up in a Way That Will Protect the Lives You Love in Times of Mental Health Crisis

As a person of influence, you must understand that people with problems are automatically drawn to you. And while we believe in prayer, I wholeheartedly believe that we need to partner practical resources and strategies with our prayers if we really want to see this mental health crisis become a thing of the past!

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... and MORE!

There is no way I can tell you all about it on this page! I promise you though – you will not regret spending your time with me! I hope to see you on the inside!


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Your Expert Trainer

Greetings! My name is Na’Kole Watson. In my field, I’m known as The Life Snatcher. I’m a certified suicide prevention specialist and a proud life survivor. I supply prevention resources, tools and strategies to influencers, community allies and people wrestling with suicidal ideation. As a village, we deliver the support and guidance that those who are suffering need to save themselves and live a life free of unresolved pain and hopelessness.

I have been a trusted Suicide Prevention Solutionist since 2012, and I am on a mission to empower 10,000 pastors and faith-based leaders to build a hedge of communal support around their communities so that no one who experiences mental health challenges has to suffer alone.

I look forward to pouring into you and hearing about you and your ministry! Thanks so much for being here!

Na’Kole Watson