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You will receive an email from nakole@conquerwithnakole.com with a link to your Social Media Contract. If you do not receive that email within two hours, feel free to email nakole@conquerwithnakole.com or text 919-446-4050.

Social Media Contract Image

Let’s take things a step further.

It is amazing to put a social media contract in place for your child(ren).

It is even more amazing to sit down with me for a personalized and individualized safety plan for your entire household!

As a one-time offer, you can book a Back-to-School Safety Planning Session with me for only $57 vs $77! The session is worth so much more, but of course, I’m going to look out for you!

Here’s how it will go once you take advantage of this INCREDIBLE offer:

  • During this session, I will give you a customized walkthrough of all the social media platforms your child uses (or may use in the future). 
  • I will also sit down with you and fill out a customized safety plan that you will have access to via Google Drive.
  • I’ll give you a customized social media contract as well as the templates you’ll need in the event that your son is bullied! 
  • In addition, I will tell you about mental health resources specific to your area (by zip code) and I will answer any questions you have about keeping your child(ren) safe this year. 
  • I will answer any questions related to mental health, suicide prevention, anti-bullying and cyber safety, and you will leave with a solid strategy for keeping your child safe this year!

BOOK YOUR SESSION HERE for $57 vs $77!!!