Hi there! My name is Na’Kole Watson, and I am the creator of the “I Love God, but I HATE my Life” masterclass! I’m so glad you landed on this page! This class is all about the topic we are all too often encouraged to sweep under the rug. This class is about being honest about where you are and receiving the tools you need to get where you’re going. There is no condemnation here. There is no fronting here. There is truth here. There is love here. And what I’m the most excited about is the fact that there is FREEDOM here!


  • How to identify the “Self-Destruction Code” in your life.
  • How to live boldly in spite of what you feel that others will say about your gifts, talents, business ventures, life decisions, etc.
  • What you’re carrying inside of you RIGHT NOW that is hindering your tomorrow (and it’s something you probably are completely unaware of and honestly had ZERO control over).
  • …and so much more!  Click the button below to register, and I’ll see you in class!