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"I AM... unconditionally loved." ♥ This meditation has changed my life...

…and my prayer is that it will change yours! I remember how tough life was when:

  • I depended on everyone else for validation
  • I felt like a failure when others didn’t applaud me
  • I looked for love in 100% of the wrong places
  • I constantly heard negative words replaying in my head
  • Even when others weren’t criticizing me, I was criticizing myself

Can you relate? If you can, this affirmation is for you. The words I speak came directly from God in a response to my question, “Who do You say that I AM?” If you’re on this page, please know that this is a destiny moment for you. May you be lifted, shifted and changed as you listen to the “I AM Meditation”. These three minutes will help you in tremendous ways! I can’t wait to hear about how it blessed your life!