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Hey, Y’all!

Happy Saturday!  Happy October 20th!  Is it Autumn or nah?  Goodness gracious!  I hope you all are having an AMAZING morning!  I know it’s been a while, so I wanted to pop in and update you all on a few things.

I needed time.  I will share what I learned during that time.

What is given for free is not appreciated as much as what is invested in.  When things are freely given, people often develop a sense of entitlement as if the emotional and spiritual labor associated with pouring into people is OWED to them.

Self-Care is the BEST care.  NO ONE on Earth is gonna take care of you like YOU take care of you.  Don’t ever feel bad about taking time for yourself.  If you’re not together, you can’t help anyone else get it (or keep it) together.  Seriously.

It’s always okay to stop.  Regardless of how many people are depending on you – if helping them starts to put you in a place of depletion for WHATEVER reason, it’s always okay to stop.  Your real tribe will appreciate and respect you more if you recognize your own need to step back and recharge.  Superman was Superman 24/7, but he wasn’t Superman 24/7.  Got it?  Wonderful.

It matters who you have in your close proximity.  The people you spend the most time talking to will influence your view of the world, yourself and others.  Take a moment to evaluate who you’re dealing with, and I guarantee you that you’ll find some really good insight into why your life is the way it is.  Self-reflection is the key to growth and success.

SO.  What’s next?

Honestly, I don’t know….  but I DO know this.

My focus is 100% devoted to leveling up.  In EVERY way.  And if you are ready to level up as well, stick with me. 

But.  If you’re gonna give me a problem for every solution, if you’re gonna reject the godly counsel that is specifically designed to help you get out of the pit you’re in, if you think I’m “just Na’Kole” and you don’t have any honor to put on who I AM and what I do, or if you’re comfortable in your complacency, I really want you to unsubscribe.  This is not the season for us to be connected, and that is okay.  No love will ever be lost.  I’m in a new place, and I will not make any time for old things.  I reject negativity, complaining and excuse making – so if you’re not about leveling up, this is not the place for you to be.

Moving forward, there will be LOTS of things going on that will motivate you, inspire you, empower you… and kick you squarely in the butt from time to time.  It’s all love, and it’s all what God is calling for in this season.  So, if you’re good with the direction we are heading in, stay connected.  If not, it’s been real!

I’ll reach out later in the month with more exciting details.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at nakole@nakolewatson.com and let me know.  I’m grateful for you!!!

Blessings Forever,