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Hey there!  I AM Na’Kole. ♥

I AM Carolina born and raised. North Carolina, that is. I help people like you overcome destructive thinking so that you can live a happier and productive life while bringing your dreams and goals out of your head and into your reality!  I believe that once destructive thinking (suicidal thoughts, self-deprecating thoughts, etc.) are addressed, your life’s trajectory will change for the best! I also help parents advocate for their children who are being bullied so that the educational process can continue uninterrupted and both the bullied and the bully can overcome and continue their journey to greatness!

I do a lot of things, but what I AM the absolute MOST proud of is the fact that I have survived over twenty-two suicide attempts and talked over 2,000 people out of suicide.   That’s A LOT of talking!  I AM so grateful to God for using this life of mine to make a difference in so many lives – and since you’re here, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to make a difference in yours!  

DISCLAIMER: I AM most definitely a “God person”, but I AM not a religious person.  I will NEVER push my views on you or even discuss them with you because I keep my views to myself where they belong!!!  I’m not going to try to “save you” or ANY of that, but if you are a “God person” too, and you want to about God, we can!

It was hard to narrow down my list, but here are a few things that are nearest and dearest to me at the moment. Feel free to click around and sign up for stuff!   MORE importantly, I would LOVE for you to join my online family by entering your email address below.  ALL the fun happens in my emails!  Thanks again for stopping by!  XOXO, Na’Kole ♥

I would LOVE to have you in my tribe!  

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Believe it or not, preventing suicide is a lot more achievable than you think. You don’t have to have a psychology degree. You don’t even have to have any certifications. All you need is a willing mind and the right information. The Ultimate Suicide Prevention Guide is here to give you everything you need to both bring yourself into awareness about suicide/suicide prevention and potentially save countless lives!