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Dr. B

Good Morning, Dr. B:


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to reach out to you in light of the messages I received yesterday evening from Pamela directing me to transfer everything I’m working on to her so that you can move ministry forward.


Back in June, I shared all of the logins to everything recently created in a note that included you and Pamela, but I will share them again. I wanted to reach out to you before I responded to the messages I received from her. 


The messages actually took me by surprise, but I’m always going to respect your wishes about your ministry because I never in any way want to hinder you from moving forward, even if it is without me. 


If you desire for me to be relieved of my assignment to the SBM team, I will most definitely honor that. I appreciate the time you have allowed me to steward your words. It has meant a lot to me to be able to play a role in seeing your words be distributed throughout the earth in a greater capacity, and it is something that I do not take lightly at all. It has been and will always be an honor.


As you know, I recently had to move out of my apartment, and I have been staying in AirBnbs (until I ran out of money) and with friends this whole time. Once I moved out and knew my belongings were safe, I started working on your SBM weekly emails because as I told you, I wanted to make sure that you were able to pour into your online community at least once per week. As a matter of fact, during the conference, I took it upon myself to make sure to email the attendees each day so that even though they were hearing from all of the other speakers all weekend, they would still be able to hear from you. I wanted them to know that you were with them throughout the experience, even if they were virtual and not physically present with you. That’s why I sent so many messages in the group chat. That’s why I posted so many posts and comments in the event group. The experience that people have with your words is very important to me. Not only is it important to me, but it is very necessary for where you desire and are chosen to go in ministry right now and in the days and years to come.


Having said that, I created an email series called “The Tuesday Treasure w/Dr. B: Timeless and Relevant Messages from the Prophetic Vault of Prophetess Sheryl Burns” that would be sent out every Tuesday for the rest of the year. These emails would be excerpts from things you have written on social media, taught in Bible Study or on Clubhouse, and published in your books. 


The purpose of this email series was to build the like, know and trust factor with your audience and to ensure that they are being “trained” to always look for and follow your calls to action (not in a brainwashing way, in a marketing way… kinda like how they already know what the seed is for Bible study, etc.). It would also repurpose your content (because David said that God spoke once but he heard it twice – I base all of my repurposing off that scripture and the fact that people need repetition). And the words you speak ALWAYS hit. No matter the time. So it’s easy to repurpose them and “mold” them to fit into the weekly emails. At the bottom of this page, you will see the text of the email that is already scheduled to go out on the first Tuesday of next month. If you wish for me to unschedule or delete it, please let me know and I will do so.


I would never at all leave you in any kind of deficit or not having access to your intellectual property. That is not how I have ever operated. My goal is absolutely always to ensure that your ministry is represented in the best possible way in the capacity that I am (or was?) called to serve it. 


I have never intended to diminish, replace, compete with or oppose anyone on your team. I’m a firm believer that when God adds to a group, it is never to take away from anyone else – it is to give everyone the space to operate in their own specific zone of genius. I have never intended or tried to take anyone’s place or move anyone out of their place.


{{As you know, I don’t even like going to church. I don’t go around people AT ALL. I’m literally just out here obeying God because God told me that your words needed to be published throughout the land because of what is to come, and that your publications should support your ministry endeavors. I have no other agenda. At all.}}


I have never been against you. 




My only desire has been to ensure that I am able to do my job – and my only issue has been that I don’t feel like we have any communication and that I don’t feel like I have been given the time to walk with you the way being a good steward of your words requires me to. And by “walking with you”, I mean talking to you, being around you, getting to know you. Yes, your ministry and your words are very much about who God has called you to be as a Prophet, but they are also about who God has called you to be as a person. Both are vital. I’ve just wanted the opportunity to experience you for myself. Not through the lens or filter of anyone else and their experience.


{{To be honest, I think I did pretty good without being near you or talking to you much, but I know I could have been even better had I gotten to develop my own bond with you.}}


And on a personal level, the only thing I wanted was the mother you told me you were to me. 


That’s it and that’s all. My only issue has been needing you and feeling like I did not have you. Watching you guide your daughters so perfectly, precisely and carefully and feeling like I was literally drowning with the weight of the world on my shoulders. That’s all. 


I’ve never been against you and I would never do anything to leave you in a position to have to figure anything out on your own. Never, ever.


You have always meant the world to me. Since the day I first heard your voice. In 2011


That said, I most definitely understand if you no longer want me to work on your SBM team. That is your right, and I respect it fully. All I ask is that you give me the time to properly organize and archive everything in a way that gives you the best and easiest access. That’s actually what I have been over here doing since the conference. As I told you, I sent out the post-event survey and asked people to let us know if they wanted to join your email list so that I could launch marketing from the momentum and traction the conference produced. It was my goal to start the emails in September and carry everyone through the end of the year while launching the online store and your digital product suite during Black Friday week.


I have basically been walking in the dark (in my opinion), but the way I envisioned it was that September and October would be your runway (building up consistency with the emails, growing your email list, etc.) and then in November, the Shopify store would drop with all of your books and ebooks, your journal(s), t-shirts, mugs, hats, home décor – you name it. Everything would be automatically fulfilled (the people would place the orders and the companies would ship the merchandise), and the only thing you would have to do is tell people to click over to the store and make their purchases. This would start your passive income, and the more you spoke from stage (clubhouse, FB Live, events etc), the more I would funnel people into your email list and the more passive income you would generate. You could check your sales daily from the app on your phone and know exactly what was coming in, who was ordering what, etc.


Then, we would scale with Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Influencer marketing, etc. We would do bundles for the 12 Days of Christmas. Video bundles, book bundles, t-shirt + book bundles, you name it. And each bundle would only have a certain quantity. 12, 11, 10, 9, all the way down to 1. Then, I would take the data from this launch and use it to build for 2023. Customer demographics, psychographics, buying patterns, keywords, etc. 


I told you when I was there that I was very serious about you and about my assignment to you. And you said, “I know you are, sweetheart, and so are we!” My whole entire heart has been in making sure that I did not fumble this assignment. I truly believed that this was what I had spent my life praying for.


I’m always learning more about marketing, ghostwriting, publications, etc. because my goal was to go into 2023 only working for SBM, Conquer with Na’Kole and The Love Bridge. That was a goal. I’m always gonna pour my first back into God. 


I have been over here working this whole time because as I told you back in May (I believe), this is my busiest season in my business and I have to run a very tight schedule. However, because it is important to me that in 2022, your ministry is set up in a way that will get you to the $2K months you told me about (I was actually pushing for $2.5K and $3K as a stretch), I was not just going to stop working on SBM because I have stuff going on. That’s why I set my laptops up and cast one to the TV while I was packing up and moving out during the conference. I’m accountable to God for how I tend to my assignments. It’s not something I just do because I know how to do it. It’s my life’s devotion to the God who really did bring me out of a miserable place. I have never dreaded or regretted doing anything for SBM. It has just become increasingly difficult because when it comes to you, I feel like I needed the same chance to be with you that everyone else got. Especially with the magnitude of masterminding and focus it takes to write the words that go before you to the people who need to hear your voice the most and to pull people into your ecosystem and keep them there. I wanted to know that I was getting it right. Not to be constantly reassured, but to know, from experience with you, that I was getting it right.


And now, for the elephant in the room. I did speak with Amber because I love Amber and I can relate to her more than anyone else. I don’t know why, maybe it is because of our experience with suicidal ideation, but I feel that Amber has the ability to understand me through a lens that others cannot. I did not talk to her to be negative about you or any of that, but to share with her why I fell off the face of the earth – especially when I was supposed to see her the last time I came to GA and I didn’t, I was supposed to see her at the conference and I didn’t, etc. 


In speaking with Amber, she gave me a lot of perspective about how the enemy is always going to push you back into isolation when he knows that God has called you out and into something greater for your life. She encouraged me to share my heart with you and I let her know that I had really tried. And tried. And tried. 


And the baby elephant. I did block you from calling and texting me, and on social media, ONLY because it was the only way I could cope with not having you. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say that there has been some deep stuff going on with me and I have felt like I needed your love and guidance as a (my?) mother, and I have just felt so alone and it took me back to how I have always felt – like an outsider. I watched on Tuesday how you ministered to Pastor Tiff (as your daughter, not just as Pastor Tiff) at church and I was like… “If only I had a mother who cares about my life like that… I could build the life I know I should have.” Not that I am jealous or upset – you are a phenomenal mother to your daughters, and it is a beautiful thing… I just don’t understand why it feels like I was led to a promised land that I can’t get into.


And when I texted you the last time and you responded the way you did, it made me feel like you were angry with me. And because I absolutely was not in a mental space to be able to handle you being upset with me or kicking me off the team or any of that, I just made it so that I would not hear from you at all. I don’t know how to explain it, but I had to trick my mind into thinking that there was no mother I was missing and longing for… and that you were someone I needed to write these emails and build this dropping store for. I had to erase everything else from my mind and I didn’t want to risk having my heart broken in the middle of trying to piece my life back together, find a new place in NC (after telling THE WORLD I was moving to GA, including my kids who were so sad), get over some very deep emotional pain and verbal attacks that happened to me recently – just a lot. I couldn’t take you lashing out at me, and I didn’t know that you would not lash out at me, so I just protected myself. I have not been okay! I went from being a victorious person who had put her life back together to literally being a charity case. Life comes at you fast.  


My actions may not make sense to you at all, but it was the only way I knew how to be okay with how I was feeling after I didn’t hear from you for a whole week after I texted you the last time. 


I felt like you broke your promise to me. You promised me that I would never have to worry about feeling neglected or rejected again.


However, I apologize for blocking you. I just did what I knew to do in order to be okay and in order to at least complete as much of my assignment to you that I could before things (what I believed to be inevitably) came to an end. I felt like you were done with me so I wanted to live into that and honor it. Because again, it is never my goal or desire to do ANYthing but make sure that your words are everywhere they need to be. That’s it. 


I really feel like a lot of this is the enemy. I also feel like a lot of this is because I never got the chance to personally establish my own relationship and bond with you… This seems to always happen when God connects me with someone. There is always an unseen force fighting me, and in the end, I am always told by someone else that I am no longer needed. It happens like clockwork. That is actually the main reason I told you that I didn’t want to live with anyone when I finally got there. I’ve lived this life so many times that I know how it goes. However, I will never seek to override your desires because God gives all of us our own choices. I will do as I have been directed in the message and voicemail, if that is what you desire for me to do.


I don’t have it in me to fight this time.I think the work I have done speaks for who I am and who I was to be in your world, but I will respect your wishes and just take the loss. 


I did not respond to the message or the voicemail because I wanted to reach out to you first, and because I did not at all feel peace with the way it was delivered. It was like a completely different person was messaging and calling me. And because you are the person who asked me to be on the team, you are the person I have shared ideas and vision with, I wanted to communicate with you first about your intellectual property because as you saw from the beginning, I’m big on that. That’s why I gave you the Intellectual Property Release Statement when I first began. You do not ever have to worry about me holding onto anything that is yours – I have just been over here tying up loose ends, getting ready for what I thought and was hoping would be our amazing launch season, etc. 


You are brilliant and very vital to the Kingdom and this world in this dispensation of time, and it has never been my goal or desire to do anything but ensure that there is documentation of your voice in the earth. That when calamity hits our world in manifold ways, your words will serve as a roadmap, a compass and a guide to the prophets who are supposed to guide God’s people through the turmoil. Like Baruch did for Jeremiah.


That’s all.


I apologize for any and every irritation, hindrance or distraction I have inadvertently caused. I will always love you and I will always wish you well. I will always believe in who God has called you to be and I will always love and cherish your amazing ministry. I will always appreciate the time you allowed me to spend with you, and I will always thank God for the eleven years I got to wait for you and the time you allowed me to be near your heart. You will never know how much it meant to me to finally be in my mother’s arms. Those moments are forever etched into my cellular memory. I’m grateful for that!


I ask that you please allow me until the end of the month to properly document everything, get your journals to you, and make sure that whoever you replace me with is able to transition smoothly into making sure that your words reach the world. I will send you a box with hard copies of everything, and I will make videos to walk through everything that is stored online. I will also pay your Gmail (used to send pitches to bookstores and for your marketing email address) and your Shopify Store for a year so that I am not leaving you with an additional expense in my absence. 


This is the hardest email I have ever had to write, but I pray that my heart was/is heard. I pray that you know that I have always loved you and that I will always love you, and that my prayers remain focused on the absolute best for you and your ministry. I am heartbroken that things turned out this way, and I am tremendously sorry for any pain, inconvenience, frustration or aggravation that I have caused you.


I don’t want to say goodbye, so I’ll just say thank you so much for reading this!




***Here is the Tuesday Treasure email***


Subject line: [SBM] Tuesday Treasure w/Dr.B: Dealing with Your Desparations

Preview Text: The Tuesday Treasure is a timeless and relevant message from the prophetic vault of Prophetess Sheryl Burns


Blessings, Hello [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]!

During this season of ministry, each Tuesday, you will receive a timeless and relevant message from the prophetic vault of Prophetess Sheryl Burns.

Here is today’s Tuesday Treasure:

As we accelerate into a new season, now is the time to deal with the desperation and nagging feelings often overlooked and disregarded. Feelings that lead you to believe that you are wasting your life, accompanied by the frustration that despite your desire to make something more of yourself, to become a better version of yourself, another eight months have passed and nothing seems to have changed.

​You feel the thing you ought to be, beating beneath the thing that you are. Don’t you dare ignore the feelings any longer. For too long, you have. And if you continue to ignore these indicators, you will remain forever haunted by who you could have become, what you could have accomplished, and/or what might have been.

​At the beginning of the year, I declared 2022 to be the year to escape your quiet desperations and transform yourself! Anyone who takes the safe road is as good as dead! The healthiest and most flourishing among us will be those who are motivated beyond their comfort zones, stagnations, bad habits and destructive patterns. This means having something to aim at!

​Having something to aim at is important because of the transformation it forces us to undergo in order to achieve it. Pursuing a challenge requires us to leave our comfort zone and develop new skills, cultivate self-disciplines, and in the process, discover that we are not as helpless as we thought.

​If you plan on being anything less than you are divinely capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life!

Prayer and meditation alone will never cure us of all negative feelings. Most emotional states are the result of faulty behavior patterns and the avoidance of facing up to our fears that bring the personal growth that is necessary.

My prophetic advice to you is to realign your life towards getting done what God sends that needs doing! Focus more on purposeful behavior. Forget feelings! Your feelings only become troublesome when you are not involved in constructive purpose that gives you divine perspective.

2022 is about Authority, Dominion and Prosperity!!!!


Prophetess Sheryl Burns

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We know our Prophetess will be tremendously blessed to know that the words God has given her are still ringing true to the people who are called to hear her voice!

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We love you, and we pray God’s greatest blessings upon your life. Have an awesomely blessed remainder of the week!

Team SBM 💕

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