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Welcome to the GMYB Experience!

Hi there!  My name is Na’Kole Watson.

Welcome to a part of my world!  I AM thirty-five years old, and I have been blessed with the gifts of inspiration and empowerment!  I have an amazing testimony that includes surviving some of the toughest times imaginable, and everything that I have endured has empowered me to empower you!  If you have landed on this page, it means that you are AMAZING, and that greatness is on the horizon for your life!  I AM sooooo glad to have you here at this moment, and my prayer is that you KNOW that you are a conqueror and that just as I have beat the odds, so will you!  

Who are Young Butterflies?

Young Butterflies are amazing, strong, confident and powerful girls who are between the ages of 8 and 18.  And even if you don’t think you’re amazing, strong, confident or powerful, YOU ARE!

PARENTS: Please read this!  (Young Butterflies, click here to skip this section!)

I’m so glad you’re here!  Seriously! 

In the not so distant past, I was inspired by to write a series of books entitled, “Good Morning, Young Butterfly!”  These books have blessed the lives of hundreds of young ladies across the globe!  Each book contains thirty days of vocabulary words (not those boring ones, either), journal prompts, awesome affirmations to speak over yourself (like “I AM AMAZING”) and other activities that promote self-esteem, self-love, forgiveness and more!

In the midst of being quarantined and having more access than ever to the internet and social media, I think it is very important that our young butterflies (girls between the ages of 8-18) know how important it is to start their days from a positive foundation!

The Good Morning, Young Butterfly (GMYB) Experience is designed to inspire and empower young ladies to live their BEST lives and to overcome negative feelings about the self and others.  Along with that, this experience is also designed to promote positive feelings and an amazing and optimistic outlook on the rest of the year and life as a whole!  I hope you will allow your young butterfly to join me on this journey!

From Wednesday, March 25th to Sunday, May 24th, your daughter will receive one encouraging email per day.  These emails will contain positive quotes and affirmations as well as positive messages from myself.  Because of the MANY doctrines and beliefs that are circulating right now, I have made the personal decision not to make these emails “religious” in nature.  However, because I know that God is love, I will absolutely empower your daughter to love herself AND her “neighbor”.  I will send messages about self-esteem, courage, time management, forgiveness, conflict resolution, positive thinking, studying, being obedient, being helpful, kindness, etc.  It’s going to be AMAZING!  I AM honored that you would even CONSIDER allowing me to pour into your daughter… so, THANK YOU!

If you have any other questions before you sign your daughter up, feel free to set up a FREE consultation with me so that you can get a feel for who I AM and what I’m all about!  I totally respect your protectiveness of your daughter – just know that I AM SAFE!!!

I look forward to connecting with you and your Young Butterfly!  If you’re ready to sign up, just keep scrolling!  If do not wish to sign up, I wish you and your daughter ALL the best moving forward!  If you wish to set up a FREE consultation with me about the GMYB Experience, you may click here to do so.



YOUNG BUTTERFLY: Please read this!  

I’m SUPER excited about your life!!!  I hope you’re having an AMAZING time at home, and I hope you’re not complaining about being bored lol.  Trust me when I say that when you get older, you’ll look back on times like this with a complete appreciation for them!  Being an adult is a whole lot of work!  Enjoy your childhood!!!

So let’s talk right quick.  You are almost a quarter of the way through 2020!  Can you believe it?  I know that things are a lot different these days, and I’m sure you miss being able to hang out with your friends.  A lot of people are feeling a lot of emotions right now, and it can be tough.  It’s okay to be a little uneasy – but just remember that you’ve got this!  

I’m so excited to be able to offer you some encouragement as you make your way through this quarantine time and adjust to what adults like to call our “new normal”.  Our time together is gonna be so AWESOME!  

So here’s the deal: If you sign up for the GMYB Experience (that stands for Good Morning, Young Butterfly, by the way), you will receive an email from me every single morning!  As we go along, I’ll be sharing lots of fun stuff with you that I’ll leave as a surprise for now… but just know that it’s gonna be AMAZING!  I’m gonna encourage you, I’m gonna give you things to do so that you won’t be bored, and I’m gonna tell you how to handle a lot of problems you face as a young lady in 2020!  And guess what!  If you have a question about anything I send you, you can reply back to the email and let me know, and I will reply back to you!  How about that?

If you want to sign up, just keep scrolling, and you’ll see something that says “Young Butterfly, click here to sign up”!  If you do not wish to sign up, it’s okay!  I hope you have an AMAZING time at home with your family!  If you change your mind, you can always come back to this page!  Hope to talk to you soon!