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The Active Shooter Preparedness Guide is headed to your inbox!

You will receive an email from nakole@conquerwithnakole.com with a link to The Active Shooter Preparedness Guide. If you do not receive that email within two hours, feel free to email nakole@conquerwithnakole.com or text 919-446-4050.

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Let’s take things a step further.

It is amazing to put a plan in place for the safety of your child.

It is even more amazing to have an opportunity to ask me anything!

As a one-time offer, you can book an Ask Me Anything session with me for $37 vs $97! The session is worth so much more, but of course, I’m going to look out for you!

During this session, you can ask me anything about

  • keeping your child safe on social media
  • suicide prevention
  • bullying
  • protecting your child from predators
  • resources for disabilities or illnesses your child may have
  • what to say to therapists
  • how to find therapists
  • support groups in your area
  • how to talk to your tween vs your teen
  • whatever you need to know!

Here’s how it will go once you take advantage of this INCREDIBLE offer:

  • You will book a session with me via my calendar below. If you don’t know what time you have available, no worries – just pick a time in the future and reschedule it when you figure it out! No penalty.
  • On the intake form, I will ask you what questions you have about your child and their safety. 
  • We will meet on Zoom (cameras optional). 
  • I will provide you customized resources and assistance based on your questions.
  • I will give you the opportunity to ask MORE questions.
  • You will get notes and a recording of our session.
  • All for $37!!!

BOOK YOUR SESSION HERE for $37 vs $97!!!