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Hey there!  I AM Na’Kole. ♥

I AM Carolina born and raised. North Carolina, that is. I AM a lover of God, a lover of life… and a lover of YOU! Yep. You!

I do a lot of things, but what I AM the absolute MOST proud of is the fact that I have survived over twenty-two suicide attempts and talked over 2,000 people out of suicide.   That’s A LOT of talking!  I AM so grateful to God for using this life of mine to make a difference in so many lives – and since you’re here, I pray that God will use me to make a difference in yours!

It was hard to narrow down my list, but here are a few things that are nearest and dearest to me at the moment. Feel free to click around and sign up for stuff!   MORE importantly, I would LOVE for you to join my online family by entering your email address below.  ALL the fun happens in my emails!  Thanks again for stopping by!  XOXO, Na’Kole ♥

I would LOVE to have you in my tribe!